Time & budgets setup guide: Billing rate setup (step 4)

about 1 year agoSeptember 14, 2021
Can't use feature due to limitations of types of billable rates, monthly, hourly, yearly, quarterly and can't use feature due to limitations on putting in employee's pay rate. Pretty much useless to our company without these functions.
about 1 year agoSeptember 14, 2021
Samantha, thank you for the feedback. The billing rate is assigned to the role and the role is chosen when tracking time. For complicated billing situations, this could mean many roles might be created for a particular function like Accountant, Staff Accountant, Senior Accountant, etc. You wouldn't change the role of let's say Accountant on your templates, but you would have folks choose the proper role when the log time to assume those rates. However, to your point, specific employee rates that are uniquely different for every person within roles would make this more complicated and difficult. When designing the feature, the way it was implemented was based on how it was setup for the majority of firms. However, I have taken your comment / suggestion and provided to our product team to look into enabling employee based rates vs. role based rates.
Mukesh Prajapati
5 months agoApril 22, 2022
This is amazing to know.
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